Research Interests 

I am primarily interested in examining the relationship between emotion and cognition. Emotions are incredibly pervasive and can be highly impactful in influencing the way we navigate our everyday lives. Not only do the emotions we are experiencing influence the way we interact with our environments, but they also influence us when what we are attending to has inherent emotional value.

Most recently I have been investigating the influences of valence and arousal on attention. Commonly, the literature makes conclusions based on positive or negative affect broadly, but I don't believe the picture is quite that clear. I hope to identify the independent, or interacting, influences of valence and arousal. I am also interested in bridging the gap between their influences on attention across time and spatial attention, as I believe the influences could differ across these types of attention.

Clinical Interests

Clinically, I am primarily interested in the treatment of depression and anxiety. My clinical training has focused primarily around the practice of evidence-based treatments, specifically Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. 

Public Outreach and Education  

Recently, I have gained interest in helping translate psychological science to the public. I believe that for psychology to be fully accepted as a field of science, we need to help the public understand exactly what it is that we are doing, and why it is important. To help in this effort, my colleague Brittany Stevenson and I started a blog to disseminate psychological research in an accessible way. I encourage you to visit and join in the discussion.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:


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